3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs should know Photoshop !

In today’s startup ecosystem every entrepreneur is expected to know the end-to-end cycle of his own business. Prototypes would be the starting point and knowing Photoshop comes in handy when you start with any design. here are 3 reasons Why every entrepreneur should learn this design tool which has ruled the design community for the past 25 years.

Helps you with the design thinking your idea.

It’s easier to convert your ideas into visual designs. To fasten the ideation process it’s easier to Brainstorm with mockups .

Improves the turn-around time when working with a designer.

When working with designers there will be lot of iteration too and forth, If you know photoshop yourself minor changes can be incorporated by yourself instead of waiting for the designers time.

Helps you understand Design Challenges

Its an eye-opener for any Entrepreneur to get into the design process, as it can give a clear understanding of the design and development and its own limitations.

We have many Entrepreneurs as standing proof like Collis Ta’eed , started their career as designer and founded Envato. Learning atleast the basics of photoshop would be a big boost for Entrepreneurs.

Here is an interesting Tutorials to start with.