3 thoughts that will set you on track to chase your dream career!

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When we are young, our parents ask us what we want to be when we grow up. Of course, it is nothing wrong if, since childhood, you change your opinion about your dream career. The main thing is that you will know, at some point, what you really wish to do with your life. Don’t expect to find it right from the beginning, as it is very less likely you will manage to do so. Most of us hover a little, working in different jobs and trying different domains before they finally reach what they want. You will need to support yourself somehow until to manage to find your dream job, so even if you don’t like it, stay there until another door opens. Before you start, make sure you know your passion, the one thing you will do even if you are not paid. So here are the best 3 ways to remain on track to finding the dream career.


1. Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

To find what the perfect career is for you, which will keep you satisfied and happy, you need to be very true to yourself. You need to try and make a clear picture of your future. Do you still wish to be a cashier in a supermarket? Do you still want to take the bus to work? Where do you see yourself from a professional and person point of view? Take your time when answering the questions regarding your future and make sure to outline it thoroughly. You can even write down on a piece of paper all those important aspects for you, as you will turn them into your goals. For instance, “I will be the manager of….”, or “I will drive a….. in 10 years”, or “I will have a beautiful house, with three bedrooms and a beautiful wife”. Then put the paper somewhere safe and look over it every day. Thus, you will make sure if what you wrote fits you or you need to make some adjustments.


2.Define your skill set and choose a mentor.

Now that you know where you will be in ten years from now, and you already know what career you will pursue. Be honest with yourself once again, and see what skills you have that will help you in that career. Do not worry if you realize you still have some skills that you need to acquire. It’s okay to be this way, as no one is born taught. By doing so, you will know where your weak spots are and where you need to work a little more to bring improvements. Participate in classes, join training lessons and do whatever is necessary to get the skills and knowledge you need for your dream career. Being prepared will take you one step closer. And follow the example of the Mentor, since the great leaders of the world never stop learning something new.


3. Keep your eyes opened for any opportunity that will bring you closer to your dream career

Be careful not to limit yourself by remaining at a job that will not bring you that inner satisfaction. It is easy to get used to a daily routine and drop the dreams of pursuing a different career. If you do so, you will be sorry later, and you won’t be able to live a fulfilling life. Take the present job as a way to support your living and never stop searching for new opportunities. Scout the market, maintain your training and a good level and when something appears that is what you are looking for, and go for it with full throttle. Even if you fail and don’t get the job, never lose hope. Continue perfecting yourself and you will find what you wish for.