5 ways to Balance your teams Creativity and Productivity

Image Source : Flickr
Being in charge of a team is hard work and also very stressful because you don’t have to deal with one or two people rather an entire team of people therefore, keeping yourself motivated and productive can be a great challenge let alone balancing your teams creativity and productivity.

Therefore, here we have compiled 5 easy tips to balance your team’s creativity and productivity at the same time.

1.Keep the office space clean
Although this doesn’t sound important, it actually is and only few people know how crucial keeping the office space clean is for creativity and productivity. Several studies point out that working in a cluttered space or office leads to lower productivity and also creativity. Workers are reported to feel lazy and also sluggish in a cluttered office therefore, you need to encourage a tidy and orderly desk policy. Allow the sun light to fall in as much as possible and keep your office floor plan as open and spacious as you can.

2.Encourage new ideas
Creativity and innovation stems from new ideas and what mostly happens within the workplace is that, managers and leaders greatly discourage new ideas by stating “we’ve always done it like this”. If you do not support and push your team members to come up with fresh and bright ideas, odds are that the entire team will be demotivated following the usual routine and therefore the productivity will also go down. Employees will get drained of doing the same thing every day. Thus, when new ideas are floated, you need to be patient and welcome them in the workplace.

3.Motivate your Employees
Motivation is crucial within a team. Therefore, reward hard work and the proper achievement of goals on time. It will be better if you reward hard work in front of other employees so that others gain motivation. You can start with having an employee of the month and give out monetary bonuses to the employee of the month or promotions.

Furthermore, when an employee is not performing up to the mark, consult with them and give them warnings if needed to make sure others do not get affected by one employee’s lack of performance.

Getting the team to socialize is very important to create a bond and also a friendly work environment. Furthermore, when heading a team, you need to know and get properly acquainted with the people who work for you. Therefore, keeping days with activates planned so that everyone gets to know each other is vital.

5. Balance between creativity and productivity
This is the most important step perhaps to ponder and act upon. As a leader, you need to make sure that your employees are motivated and come up with new, fresh and creative ideas nut at the same time are also productive. You cannot have employees who are thinking all day for creative ideas and hardly working. Every business functions and relies upon good productivity levels therefore, you need to make sure a line is drawn between creativity and productivity.

Please add if you have anything to this list.