BugRaptors, The Startup Story


BugRaptors, a part of Seasia Group (CMMI Level 5 of Companies) is the foremost independent software testing company and renowned as a third-party testing provider all over the world.

The company was established on March 31, 2016, at Mohali, Punjab, India, by Yashu Kapila and Rupinder Pal Singh with a mission to satisfy the requirements of customers looking for affordable and quality-made outsourced product development solutions.

We offer specialized QA services, independent quality engineering, automation testing, and test advisory services to several domains from e-commerce, healthcare, telecommunication, banking, education, media, utilities, insurance to real estate businesses. We have a skillful team of ISTQB testers and highly-professional automation experts who are civic-minded, creative, and honest for their work.

BugRaptors aims to stay in their client’s good books and always help them get exceptional quality with flawless software applications and products. Being a trustworthy organization in India and headquartered in the US, BugRaptors gives importance to SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to help businesses meet their goals, improve their operations, and keep them consistent in the digital landscape.

At BugRaptors, software testing is performed through identification, assessment, optimization, and evaluation across all phases of the test life cycle. The company has over 550 customers, 100+ physical mobile devices in the mobile test labs, and a wide array of testing tools and frameworks that help improve test coverage, accuracy, reliability in results, minimize the number of post-release defects, and allow us to complete all complex tasks by 70% faster and give our customer huge benefits in terms of time and cost. Here is quick chat with the CEO of Bugraptors

What inspired you to start ?

Well, who doesn’t want to see herself be their own boss, especially in the software testing company? As an automation tester, I made a strong profile in coding to find the bugs in the software application and involve myself in different roles from release manager, consultant, operation head and presales manager to deliver a quality product to customers. Another inspiration to start the business in software testing was the logical thinking that encouraged me to release the software to the market with zero bugs. I strongly believe that We, the testers, act as the confidence booster for software. We not only are proficient in finding defects but also have the challenging attitude to maintain a good relationship with clients.

I saw a huge potential in this niche because as a software tester, I got a lot of opportunities to interact with various team members, including stakeholders to deal with a wide variety of business applications to fulfill their testing needs. I always take interest in discussing with clients about their projects. As I Know that it takes huge pennies to buy a single product if it doesn’t work as intended, then who likes to be our customer. Such behaviour and a positive mindset are still my inspiration today that allows me to work like a charm.

Can you tell us some Interesting Experience/Journey you went through in the startup phase?

To succeed in the startup phase, I prioritized flexibility and intelligence both at the individual and the corporate level. A few years back, the client selected BugRaptors for the testing of his healthcare application, which actually gave goosebumps to my entire team.

The client wanted to make his app compatible with Android and iOS devices. Apart from that, he demanded to connect his product with wellness devices, smartwatches, and the trendiest IoT technologies, which was again the most challenging task. Yet, the professionals at BugRaptors didn’t give up because our resolution was to help the world get quality assurance and software testing services.

So, first of all, we carefully understood the requirement of the client as he wanted to make his application cloud-ready, and asked us to save, upload, download medical records through blockchain technology. He wanted to include two-factor authentication in the healthcare application to make it easy for his customers to access medical profiles and records independently. He also wanted to scan the data from the lab reports and the medical reports in the analytics database.

After understanding his testing needs, we provided each and everything that he expected from us. Also, our healthcare domain specialists ensured that the app is successfully HIPAA compliant to protect the patient’s personal health information.

We checked his healthcare app with numerous testing types such as functionality testing, usability testing, and performance testing. Our experts created the test cases to do the testing with multiple devices. Lastly, we prepared a report for the client and gave him some suggestions to enhance the user-friendliness of his healthcare product.

From helping our client while getting a 100% test coverage and making his app completely supporting for iOS and Android devices and fulfilling HIPAA Compliance and HL7 Standards with integration and management to ensuring the smooth functioning of the healthcare application across all locations and devices with secure data transfer, overall, it gave our client the best user-experience. Similarly, this project made our journey remarkable in the startup stage.

According to you what distinguishes conventional model from your business model and your Unique Value proposition?

Being the reputed and world’s preeminent software testing company, BugRaptors promises to be loyal to its customers. Wasting a customer’s time and money is not a habit of BugRaptors professionals. Without a customer, BugRaptors is nothing. So, our vision is to follow the market-driven testing strategy because it helps our clients find and remove redundancies in infrastructure, costs, and processes at the time of getting faster and smoother applications.

Furthermore, we maintain transparency in communication and while working on the testing projects. Our experts interact with the clients in real-time and are experienced enough to offer them scalable, reliable, secure, maintainable, 100% flexible, defect-free and ROI-generated software solutions. We have a blend of both manual and automation software testers and effective testing methodologies to reduce the test cycles, improve efficiency, and give the deliverables 30% faster.

Where do you see yourself and company in the next 5 years?

Over the next five years, I want to increase my skills and experience in the CEO profile and have a dream to take my company to the extreme level. Right now, BugRaptors have over 550 clients worldwide. I want to exceed these numbers and hope to be the top-notch QA and software testing company in India and worldwide. Also, I want to have a full of opportunities and responsibilities in the upcoming years to accomplish my personal and business goals.

Ups and Downs are the part and parcel of our life because one situation can make us bored and not productive at all. Even, the meaning of the single line in the ECG reflects that the person is dead. Whether you are a small business owner or just planning to succeed with any startup business, learn to take risks and be consistent toward your goal. It is okay to embrace failure because the famous Edison has tried 1,000 times for the invention of the light bulb. Don’t stop and don’t worry if you don’t have much budget in the beginning. Finally, listen to your customers, understand their unique goals, and be flexible with them.

To Know more – https://www.bugraptors.com/