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Forge’s CEO taalks about the Smart India Hackathon

Vishwanathan Sahasranamam, CEO of Forge Accelerator, A Startup Incubator in Coimbatore has done phenomenal work in terms of building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the...

Google Lens can read for those who cant!

Google Lens is eventually bringing down our linguistic differences across the world. Touring around the unknown world will become much easier.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgU3o19XGksPRESENTER: There's one final...

Telling the Worlds story. World Photography day!

Telling the Worlds story through photographs. The Best of Photography Awards Pulitzer World Press.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5_CSXMQwXo

The Design Journey – UXMINT

The Design Journey - UXMINT An exciting design Journey of UXMINT, A Design Research Academy specializes in training working professionals, freshers’ and college students in...

Intro to Scrum in Under 10 Minutes

What is Agile Scrum? Learn Scrum in under 10 minutes in this video introduction to the Scrum software development methodology. By the end of...

Marketing made sweet and beautiful !

Who could have ever thought that the task of marketing which is often considered to be monotonous can be changed to such an extent? Well,...

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