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Originality is the backbone of content. Whether it is academic or web content, uniqueness matters a lot. The lack of originality creates a range of problems for students, online publishers, and writers. These might be in the form of lower grades, temporary suspension, credibility issues, and many more.

The perfect way to maintain uniqueness in content is to perform a pre-submit plagiarism check through a cutting-edge plagiarism checker. But before checking duplicates, almost every user wonders which plagiarism detector to use.

To make things easier for you, we conducted thorough research and found the best plagiarism checker: Whether you are a student or an expert writer, this tool could prove a valuable asset. enables its users to confirm the originality of their content so that they can avoid the consequences of plagiarism. In this article, we will explain why this plagiarism detector is worth considering. So read the article to the end to uncover its potential.

Unique Features of secures its place among the top plagiarism checkers online for many reasons. Here is a detailed list of the features that cause this tool to fit in this position.

  • Easy-To-Navigate Interface

Unlike other tools, this duplicate checker has an easily navigable interface. Its developers designed it keeping user preferences in mind. The webpage doesn’t contain any scattered elements. All the things, like the input box and buttons, are placed in perfect positions.

  • Fast And Accurate Detection

If we talk about the time it consumes to find duplicates from content, then that is no more than a few seconds. At the same time, it performs a comprehensive similarity check between input content and its vast database to maintain accuracy in detections.

  • Sentence Based Checking

This plagiarism checker is smart in its work. It doesn’t compare the entire input text with existing content in one go due to the possibility of false assessment. Rather, it matches sentence by sentence to accurately pinpoint every minor duplication in content.

  • Advanced Reporting

This originality checker provides precise results and facilitates users with an in-detail plagiarism report. This report contains the percentage and visual representation of unique and plagiarised content and details of matched sources.

  • Multiple File Format Compatibility

You can not only provide input content using the copy-paste method but also upload content files in different formats. It is compatible with almost all commonly used file formats, such as TXT, DOC, and PDF.

  • Offers 100% Data Safety

One of the main reasons it is a leading plagiarism checker is its guarantee of user data privacy. Every text document you upload to this tool is inaccessible to any third-party platform or individual. Not even this tool itself utilizes the user’s content for personal purposes.

  • Barrier-Free Accessibility

You don’t have to face any type of hurdle to reach this tool. It doesn’t limit its usability to a particular device, region, operating system, and browser. If you have a smooth internet connection and any digital device, then accessing this duplicate content-checking is not a problem for you.

  • Direct WordPress Integrations

This tool provides an efficient plugin for users who use the WordPress content management system. Instead of manually uploading content, you can directly integrate its plugin with your website to perform on-the-spot plagiarism checks from the admin panel.

  • Provides Language Versatility

The feature that makes it a global tool is its ability to detect plagiarism in different languages. Along with English, it is capable of finding duplicates in 13+ widely used languages. Some of them are French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Swedish, Indonesian, etc.

How To Use

As a top plagiarism checker, this tool knows how to ease the lives of all users, especially beginners. For this reason, it provides easy-to-follow steps for successful check plagiarism. Here is the procedure you must follow to detect duplicates using this tool.

  • Copy-paste, type, or upload the text document.
  • Prohibit detection from a particular web page by inserting its link in “Exclude URL”.
  • Then, press the “Check Plagiarism” button fearlessly and verify the reCAPTCHA.
  • After you complete the above process, immediately assesses the content and highlights all the replications within seconds.
  • Also, after detection, it generates a viewable and downloadable plagiarism report. Remember that the exclusion of a specific URL is not compulsory; it is just an optional function.

How Much Does It Charge?

Focusing on user affordability, it provides both free and paid usability. So, whatever financial status you have, it doesn’t forbid you to benefit from it. Here are the details of what it offers you for free and what you can only use if you have a paid subscription.

  • Free Version

This plagiarism checker is generous to its users and allows them to check 1000 words in one go. Also, it doesn’t limit the number of plagiarism checks. Rather, you can check for plagiarism as many times as you want. The only condition here is that you cannot utilize the “Deep Search” feature in the free version.

  • Paid Version

Taking user requirements into account, it offers four different premium plans: weekly, Monthly, Semi-annual, and Annual. All these plans are common in one thing: the availability of “Deep Search,” but they vary in word count limit. However, its weekly plan costs $4.99, monthly $15, and Annual $11.25/month.

The Final Words

Content only brings fruitful results if it is unique. And, to make the content distinct, you should have a sophisticated plagiarism checker in your hands. For this purpose, comes with great features to help you maintain uniqueness in your content.

After going through this article, we hope you understand how could be your reliable companion in ensuring content originality. So, instead of wandering around the internet, add this plagiarism detector to your treasure of other writing tools.