Clevenue: Built by Revenue Obsessives


Clevenue was established in response to the widespread tech industry layoffs that impacted over 350,000 individuals. These job cuts underscored a significant issue: many companies were failing due to a “growth at all costs” mindset, marked by rapid expansion and overhiring without corresponding commercial success. The founders of Clevenue saw this as a pervasive industry problem, largely due to inadequate revenue and headcount planning.

Despite the presence of incredible talent, technology, and innovative ideas, businesses were still using basic Excel sheets for their revenue and headcount plans. This reliance wasn’t due to negligence but because these outdated spreadsheets were the only tools available. However, this approach was neither agile nor precise enough to meet modern business needs.

Clevenue was created to address this gap. The platform aims to guide company leadership towards sustainable, repeatable growth through data-driven, continuous revenue programs and planning. Clevenue’s mission is to transform the science of modeling, projecting, and planning, making it more engineered, transparent, collaborative, and accessible. They believe that planning and setting targets should be a continuous process throughout the year, not just an end-of-year task performed in spreadsheets.

The founders of Clevenue are dedicated to developing a better approach for business growth, aiming to create a more sustainable industry for everyone. They are passionate about sharing their vision and knowledge with fellow revenue enthusiasts. By enhancing these processes, Clevenue seeks to support businesses in achieving their growth objectives in a more structured and sustainable way. For those interested in learning more or sharing experiences, Clevenue welcomes conversations and connections through LinkedIn.