Hosted Software: Discover top self-hosted software from various categories


Hosted Software is a platform born from a deep-seated passion for startups and a commitment to aiding the tech community. The site’s mission is twofold: to provide a directory for developers eager to share their self-hosted software with a wider audience, and to assist users in finding top-notch self-hosted solutions that suit their needs. This endeavor is driven by the creator’s lifelong dedication to building startups and supporting fellow entrepreneurs.

The mastermind behind Hosted Software actively engages on Twitter, sharing insights from their daily startup adventures and participating in a broad spectrum of discussions. This social media presence not only offers followers a window into the creator’s entrepreneurial activities but also fosters a dynamic community dialogue.

Designed to serve both developers and users, Hosted Software is a resourceful hub where software creators can display their self-hosted projects, thereby gaining greater exposure and attracting new users. Simultaneously, individuals and businesses in search of dependable self-hosted solutions can explore a curated collection, ensuring access to high-quality software that meets their requirements.

The website exemplifies the creator’s dedication to nurturing a collaborative ecosystem where information and tools are freely exchanged. By connecting software developers with users, Hosted Software aims to propel innovation and support the expansion of the self-hosted software sector.

For anyone involved in startups or the technology industry, Hosted Software stands as a valuable resource and community network. The creator welcomes fellow developers to seek advice, reinforcing the platform’s role as a space for collaboration and mutual assistance. Through this initiative, seeks to significantly influence the development, dissemination, and utilization of self-hosted software, fostering a more connected and innovative tech community.