How to stay fit in your busy Schedule? – Nithya

An Inspiring and yet a practical taalk from Nithyanadhini M – Founder, 45degree fitness.

NITHYANANDHINI, FOUNDER, 45 DEGREE FITNESS: So to start with the topic how to stay fit in your busy schedule? Point number one, I would talk about time management right. So how many hours do you work in general? So all those who are here say how many hours do you work in general every single day?

AUDIENCE: 8 hours.


AUDIENCE: 10 hours.

NITHYANANDHINI: 10? So anyone of you here who gets to gym regularly, takes care of the nutrition anyone from here?


NITHYANANDHINI: Okay. So it doesn’t have to be a gym or fitness lab how about walking? So how many of you get up from your seat every single day during a work at least for a little bit? No.

AUDIENCE: Little bit.

NITHYANANDHINI: Most of the time if you are glued to the system, right working? So what happens in the longer run when you sit for too long?  Number one your posture gets affected, right? Your glue, so you’re not moving your lower body or anything so beyond the point your body becomes stagnant. All your muscles and tendons go weak. It becomes over active or very less active.

So that’s when you get all aches and pains. I have neck pain because your concentration staring at the system because of your poor posture you are always stooping in the front or don’t lean back or utilize a chair properly, you know supporting your spinal cord so that affects your lower back. Sitting for too long in the same position affects your knee so what not, right? And standing in the monitor also leads you severe head ache.

So of all these is what we are here to eliminate by following a simple thing to add fitness and nutrition as part of your everyday life not as a task but it is your life so you have to add it as your habits every day.

So when I talk about time efficiency, now how many of you here will say I have no time which is why I am not able to do it? Else, if I was given the time I will be able to do it. How many of you here? Okay. Anyone else? So rest of you have time you mean but still you are not doing it? Okay.

Now why I ask you this question is every single day we get 24 hours, right? Now 24 hours is not a simple thing. Its 24 hours so out of that if we are not able to spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes taking care of a body who is going to lose, right? Only we can do it. Only we can take care of our body.

Your neighbor is not going to take care of you, right? You are all working as a team. So the other person is not going to take care of yourself only you can do it. So when somebody says, I have an excuse this is why I am not able to do keep myself fit or you know go for a walking or eat diet or follow a well healthy balanced life. I always question myself you are given 24 hours every single day.

Okay fine. For the present day, this is your option. What happens tomorrow? Again we get another 24 hours so it doesn’t happen, right? Every time you get a chance you keep correcting yourself but still we don’t give importance to it only because we are not interested in it. We don’t feel like that. We don’t think it’s important in your life.

The second point that I want to discuss about is nutrition. So my first question is, what do you think is the ratio between nutrition and exercise? I understood from the first topic you all are working you do not find time to do exercise. Now what about nutrition? You eat every day, right?

Three meals, five meals you eat every day but how do you manage your calories? How do you balance it out? That’s an easy thing that we can follow. Yes, if we don’t find time if you are working hours — 14 hours you don’t find time to get a gym and you don’t find time to go for a walk, you don’t find time to keep yourself physically engaged so what for nutrition? That comes easy.

So what you think is the ratio between nutrition and exercise?

AUDIENCE: 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise.

NITHYANANDHINI: Almost there, yes. That’s what we’ve all been following. 70 percent nutrition and 30 percent exercise. Times have changed, right? And then it became 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise. But I even go on little further where I will say for sure 90 percent is your nutrition and only 10 percent is your exercise.

Even if you are not able to get the gym, go for walking it doesn’t matter it all starts with what we eat. You can maintain your body, you can lose weight, you can increase weight with just food that we eat. What we eat matters a lot which is why I saying 90 percent is nutrition if you want to lose weight follow a proper diet plan. Yes, you can achieve your target. Adding exercise to a 10 percent yes equals the 90 percent of the nutrition that you follow.

Now anyone here who knows what BMR is?

AUDIENCE: Basic Metabolic Rate.

NITHYANANDHINI: Well done, yes. Basic Metabolic Rate. Now can I just ask you to explain what BMR is all about?

AUDIENCE: It is something about the power of digestion per particular person.


AUDIENCE: So for every male has a BMR and female has BMR.


AUDIENCE: We have to maintain based on our height and weight and all. So it is something related to that.

NITHYANANDHINI: Okay. So he is almost right. Now BMR that he explained is Basic Metabolic Rate. Now even without doing any work, your body is capable of burning so many calories every single day. In any work, you already burning 1,600 calories, but it come back in all of your meals.

As breakfast, lunch, and dinner all the snacks item which we eat. So what you should not do is exceed beyond 1,600. 100, 200 beyond 1,600 are okay. But 1,600 your body is capable of body per day without any work out. Imagine your food accounts more than 2,000, 2,500 calories every single day. So that’s when we put on weight, that’s when our body goes for a torture, that’s when we accumulate fat and it’s quiet difficult to – So you are literally earning whatever you want to eat you no longer feel guilty about on pinching today.

Now coming to the next point, work out from office. Now this is mainly for people who say I don’t have time, I am not able to step out of the office to work out. Now it doesn’t matter. You can still work out right from your desk. Only you have to do is get up every 5 minutes, you just have to stand and sit down. If not, get up every 30 minutes, every 1 hour. Take a loo breaks very often that’s when you start using legs, that’s when you start to work, that’s when you stand up prolonged sitting bad for your body. Right? And then it puts your muscles to sleep.

We call it butt sleep, right where your butt goes into a prolonged sleep where it is no longer active so even when you get up and walk you are no longer able to do it briskly. You have to make sure at least getting up from your seat every 5 minutes or half an hour or at least 1 hour.

And then, you can speak to your Team Leaders or the Managers asking for team work out. Say if you are in a team of 10 members, every 90 minutes gather as a team to stretch your legs, stretch your arms, just get up walk around, just laugh together, speak, and just move it on. So if you are shy just to get up yourselves and do it when you do it as a team each of you are motivating others to do it. So nothing is better than a team work out, right? So you take care of each other.

And you can also ask your HR to arrange a Regular Fitness Workshops. Right now you can also get an off, you also have fun as a team, probably once a month or once a quarter where you are given like a one hour session of work out. It can be a mix of dance or it can be mix of any sort of exercise you can do it right from your chair. Basic stretches for your legs and arms you don’t put them for sleep for too long. That’s how you may keep yourself physically active even during work. So you just have to get up from the seat go couple of rounds come back and sit down. That’s all. Take loo breaks very often.

The other kind of work out that you can do whenever you find time, Saturday and Sunday. Yes, we have holiday. So, you can go for walk, jog, run. You can even take the stairs for your office or back in your apartment or home, take stairs to go for walking or you can even join a fitness class.

Not necessarily it has to be a gym, where you have to run out of the treadmill, one you were already working in your office and two when you see a treadmill you are doing the same routine over and over it doesn’t motivate you to do it. So join any sort of a fitness club, any kind of class activity and enjoy.