How to stay fit in your busy Schedule? – Nithya


An Inspiring and yet a practical taalk from Nithyanadhini M – Founder, 45degree fitness.

In our fast-paced lives, finding time to prioritize fitness can be challenging. However, it is crucial to take care of our health amidst our busy schedules. Nithyanandhini, the founder of 45 Degree Fitness, shares valuable insights on how to stay fit even when time is limited. In this blog post, we’ll delve into her expert advice and explore practical ways to incorporate exercise and nutrition into our everyday lives.

Time Management and Physical Activity: Nithyanandhini begins by addressing the common struggle of time management. She emphasizes the importance of making fitness a part of our daily routines, regardless of our busy schedules. While many of us spend long hours at work, finding time for physical activity is essential. Even simple activities like taking short breaks to walk or stretch can have a significant impact on our overall well-being.

Sedentary Lifestyle Consequences: Continuously sitting for extended periods can lead to various health issues, including poor posture, muscle weakness, and joint pain. Nithyanandhini highlights the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and encourages individuals to adopt healthier habits. By making small changes, such as getting up from our desks regularly or incorporating short walks into our routines, we can combat the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting.

The Significance of Nutrition: Switching gears to nutrition, Nithyanandhini highlights its significance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She poses a thought-provoking question: What is the ratio between nutrition and exercise? While traditional beliefs leaned towards a 70% exercise and 30% nutrition split, times have changed. Nithyanandhini emphasizes that nutrition plays a much more substantial role, constituting approximately 90% of our overall well-being. By focusing on a balanced and nutritious diet, we can achieve our health goals, regardless of limited exercise opportunities.

Understanding Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR): To further illustrate the impact of nutrition, Nithyanandhini introduces the concept of Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR refers to the number of calories our bodies burn at rest. She explains that even without engaging in physical activity, our bodies have the capacity to burn a certain number of calories daily. By aligning our food intake with our BMR, we can effectively manage our weight and overall health.

Incorporating Physical Activity at Work: For those who struggle to find time for exercise outside of work, Nithyanandhini suggests incorporating physical activity directly into the office routine. Simple actions like standing up, stretching, or taking short walks every 30 minutes can help keep our bodies active. She also encourages team participation, suggesting that coworkers join forces for regular group exercises or fitness workshops organized by the company. By creating a supportive environment, individuals can motivate each other to prioritize fitness.

Weekend Fitness Opportunities: Nithyanandhini acknowledges that weekends provide more flexibility for physical activity. She suggests activities such as walking, jogging, running, or even taking the stairs instead of elevators. Engaging in fitness classes or joining clubs focused on various activities can also be excellent alternatives to traditional gym workouts. The key is to find an enjoyable exercise routine that suits your preferences and encourages regular participation.

Staying fit and healthy in a busy schedule is indeed a challenge, but it is not impossible. By incorporating Nithyanandhini’s expert advice, we can make fitness a part of our everyday lives. Remember, even small lifestyle changes can yield significant benefits. Prioritize physical activity, embrace a nutritious diet, and find opportunities to stay active throughout the day. Your well-being is in your hands, and with dedication and consistency, you can achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.