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In today’s digital world, knowledge is one the most important factors that determine a person’s entrepreneurial success. There are many platforms which offer you entrepreneurship training but providing a comprehensive, diversified and affordable courses is what it makes Kodorra different than the rest. Kodorra provides hands-on courses on how to run your online startup business with minimum cost. Kodorra is one such online platform whose courses are updated each week and provide with ideas relating to starting an online business, fundraising, business plan writing, pitching, storytelling I business, website development, prototyping, digital marketing, press release, intellectual property, blockchain and cryptocurrency, Whatsapp and a lot more. Free from jargons, Kodorra teaches in simple English and it preaches what it practices.

Melvin Wong, an award-winning entrepreneur is the founder of Kodorra. Wong has a global business experience in 17 countries covering U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. But how he comes up with the idea for a startup?

It all started when he left the software development job and eventually now he has been a tech entrepreneur for 14 years. The startup was, however, not so easy; he ran it entirely all by himself because there was no virtual funding for early-stage startups in his country and thus the story began in a small rented room with a starting capital of merely $3,000. In the beginning, he had to do everything all by himself from coding to sales and marketing and even customer support. The startup, to his surprise, emerged as a big success in the first year and eventually grew and went forward to bring to its laurel numerous local and international awards. This profitable startup was ultimately acquired by a Japanese/American company in Los Angeles. During this journey, Wong hired about 100 people from 16 countries, the passionate team he is very proud of.

Wong always has a love for teaching. In his previous startups, he did freelance teaching on fiber-optic network for SingTel, Singapore’s largest telecommunication company and IP communication for Celcom, Malaysia’s renowned mobile operator, a part of Axiata Group. He then mentored startups at hackathons, AngelHack and South Bay Entrepreneurial Centre in Los Angeles. Ultimately after having learned so much as a 14-year long entrepreneur, he founded the most efficient way to channelize his teaching energy by teaching online.

Kodorra has a firm belief that entrepreneurship is all about doing, however, there are a lot of online courses out there which are not the thought of the real entrepreneurs but are mere academic instructors who teach what others taught them; by reading and learning, not by doing. However, on the contrary, Kodorra is a coach that helps one to practice by not just offering online courses but also provides its users with a question and answer section where they could post their queries, either public or private while the later could only be seen by it and the user.
The key differentiating value that it offers is that its courses are the complete package of practical and hands-on-videos that facilitate on how to run the things in the business. Inbuilt with an insight which only a true entrepreneur could offer, Kodorra provides nothing theoretical; only practical and straight to the point, Courses such as, “Learn fundraising for business in 2 hours” gets you on the job instantly.

Kodorra is driven by the vision to build an educational platform for an entrepreneur, by an entrepreneur, for an entrepreneur. Currently, this venture of Wong is self-funded and is working upon the most significant challenge of producing courses that are relevant to not just startups but any mom and dad businesses across the English- speaking globe. Kodorra aspires to be a global multilingual education platform that would help every entrepreneur in every corner of the world to start, build, promote and grow their businesses.

It is rightly said, “There is nothing worse than an opportunity which could have changed your life”. Kodorra – an online platform makes sure that you don’t miss any such opportunity. Gathering practical knowledge, offering one to one interaction with the experts, covering each and every aspect of the business, is what that defines this amazing platform. To all the entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs out there, Give Kodorra a try!