How we drive revenue and pipeline for B2B SaaS Companies? – Ishaan Shakunt

Ishaan Shakunt

Ishaan Shakunt is the founder of Spear Growth, a marketing agency that helps B2B SaaS companies expand their sales pipeline. Besides serving as the head of marketing strategy, Ishaan is a growth marketing specialist and trainer. With a background in technology, Ishaan has transformed his passion into a successful entrepreneurial endeavor. He is also a co-author of the well-regarded “The Growth Hacking Book” series.

Here’s Ishaan’s insightful taalk on “how to drive revenue and build a strong sales pipeline for B2B SaaS companies”.

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According to him, the past decade has seen significant changes in both business and people’s lives, largely driven by advancements in technology. He believes that this trend will continue in the B2B sector in the coming decade. Learn more about Spear Growth