Icebergh, an onsite survey kiosk platform


Icebergh survey kiosks uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Metric Mapping to analyze respondents. Our platforms collects and analyzes respondents’ answers, predicted age, gender, and EmotionIndex℠ without asking a single demographic question.

ALEX MILLER, FOUNDER, ICEBERGH: Hi I am Alex the Founder of Icebergh. The founding of Icebergh all started with a simple exposure to AI. I was speaking at a Cloud Computing Conference in Columbus, Ohio and the keynote speech that was giving a presentation on the powerful capabilities of AI and Machine learning.

Now I’ve been working in Cloud Computing for few years at this point but I’ve never really had a reason to dive in and see the powerful tools that AI had. So when her presentation started and I started seeing AI correctly identified age and emotion and picking out locals and reading text I was blown away. I knew these things were capable but watching them happen was really inspired.

So the rest the conference all I wanted to do is learn more about AI and figure out how I could be a part of this? At the end of the conference the organizers got up on stage and said that a few days everyone get a link to a server. Tell them about how you felt about the conference was the venue good? How about speaker released comments?
Well as a speaker I was really looking forward to receiving comments. I wanted to know how I have to improve for next time. If all my preparation worked? If I connected with my audience? And so I was thinking about what else I was going to write in my survey for the other speakers.

And it was just a few hours later I was sitting in the hotel thinking about all my different speeches that I went to and I realized things were already a little cloudy. Was it the first speech or the third speech that made the joke about AI destruction? Was it the last speaker or the second to last speaker that was talking about cloud computing? And at lunch did I have the Turkey? Or did I have the hand. This at that moment everything clicked.

I was thinking about how nice it would have been to have on site immediate feedback to record my thoughts when they happened. And my mind was already wrapped around AI and machine learning. These things met and I did the various start ups then I grabbed a napkin started sketching out will become the first blueprint of Icebergh.

I started thinking about how this could work in certain industries of course events and conferences giving immediate feedback to speakers and organizers. How could this working retail to provide a powerful edge against the data that E-Commerce has? How this work in hospitality transportation any place for customer service would is so crucially important an onsite feedback could be a competitive edge?

That’s where it all started and of course our platform has grown a little bit since that napkin sketch but it’s still under the same idea. On site immediate customer feedback is crucial. Demographics make that data actionable. And while people don’t want to sit around answering a bunch of demographic questions you want to get right to the point on those important questions of how we can improve? How was your experience? AI can do the rest and that’s the power of Icebergh.

Many of our direct competitors don’t use artificial intelligence at the point of data collection. Those who do you use AI are mostly using it for data processing, forward predictive analytics and to identify trends. Icebergh is different and that we use AI right at the point of data collection and continuously throw data processing.

The truth is that customer surveys are still largely untouched by the digital revolution in many ways we still compete with email survey links and those surveys around the back of your receipts at the grocery store. There are many tools out there that can help the customer experience through AI and machine learning.

Rather than being competitors of ours those are more of a holistic approach to improving and understanding your customer experience. Icebergh is the only tool that can do on site immediate customer feedback powered by AI and provide actionable insights. Icebergh used in collaboration with many other AI and machine learning tools work together as a holistic approach to improving customer satisfaction, improving customer feedback in gaining valuable actionable.

The vision that drives us is simple build a platform that drastically improves customer experience and customer satisfaction. The team at Icebergh is dedicated to constant innovation on the single vow. We know that it takes a lot more than a simple survey to improve customer relations.

We also know that providing people the ability to share their feedback and businesses with actionable insights for all the smaller steps towards a much larger goal. We truly believe that Icebergh is a game changer providing businesses and organizations with data they never used to build and for customers providing a platform for them to share their feedback immediately and actually have the feedback heard is invaluable and treating loyal longstanding customers.
We invite you to learn more about Icebergh. You can visit and see what we’re doing and how we can help impact your industry? Thank you.