Mark zuckerberg’s take on taking risk

Here’s what Mark things on taking risk.

MARK ZUCKERBERG, FACEBOOKCEO: Quote that, you know world that’s changing so quickly. The biggest risk that you can take is not taking any risk. And I really think that’s true, right I mean a lot of people I think that you know whenever it comes to — whatever you get yourself into a position where you have to make some big shift in direction or do something. You know that they’re always people are going to point to that the downside risks of that decision. And locally there may be right.

Right I mean it if for any given decision they’re goanna make there’s upside and downside. But an aggregate, if you are stagnant and you don’t make those changes then I think you’re guaranteed to fail right and not catch up so. To some degree I think it’s really right that over time the biggest risk that you can take is to not take any risks.