Bootstrapping a Successful SAAS Startup – Saravana Kumar, Founder and CEO of


In this founder’s taalk we have Saravana Kumar, the founder, and CEO of— leading enterprise Software & SaaS. After working for 10 years as a software consultant in London, Saravana Kumar identified a gap in the availability of necessary tools in the market when it comes to managing and monitoring Microsoft BizTalk Server environments. In 2010, he was attending a Microsoft conference in Redmond, Washington and he floated an idea  (solution to the existing problem) with fellow technology enthusiasts. After returning, he spent a year building the initial version. At the same conference, the following year (2011), he demonstrated what he had built and everyone was blown away seeing the potential of the product.

He received a lot of feedback— fine-tuned the product, and finally launched it in June 2011 as BizTalk360 which is Kovai’s flagship product. Within a couple of weeks, he got the first client from Hong Kong. Gradually, the company started to grow organically. Subsequently, the company launched 2 more enterprise products, Serverless360 & Atomic Scope.

Later, launched Document 360,  an online knowledge base, which solved documentation challenges in B2B SaaS and became an inspiring success story. The company has grown to 200+ employees now and has over $10m in sales annually. In 2020, the company also acquired cerebreta which specializes in productivity tools for Microsoft Azure resources. 

Kovai’s mission is to create a successful global technology product company out of its home city – Coimbatore, India.