Exploring the Future of Touch Sensing Technology with TG0


TG0 emerges as a pioneering force reshaping product design landscapes across industries. Through their revolutionary touch sensing technology, TG0 is empowering businesses in consumer electronics, automotive, wellness, gaming, and fitness to redefine how their products engage with users.

Touch Sensing Technology
TG0’s touch sensing technology is about transforming the way brands and users connect. By harnessing their patented touch sensing technology, TG0 enables businesses to craft product interfaces that transcend the ordinary, elevating user experiences to unprecedented levels. 

Their team, comprising elite talent specializing in software, hardware, engineering, and design, provides comprehensive support to clients worldwide. This expertise ensures seamless integration of touch technology into products, enhancing functionality and delivering unparalleled sensory experiences.

Unveiling TG0’s Technological Marvels
TG0’s touch sensing technology is a blend of innovation and functionality. From deformation sensing, capacitive touch detection, pressure mapping to sustainable design principles, TG0’s innovation goes beyond the ordinary. They leverage injection molding, reducing components and ensuring eco-friendly solutions while continuously pushing the boundaries of touch technology.

TG0’s collaborations span across global brands and leading universities, driving groundbreaking research and enabling new functionalities. Their touch technology has paved the way for advancements in medical research, consumer products like Zwift Play, and even luxury automotive experiences with JoysonQuin.

eteeCONTROLLERS: A Glimpse into the Future
The eteeCONTROLLERS stand as a testament to TG0’s innovation, offering button-free control for VR, gaming, and more. These controllers redefine interaction, utilizing touch, pressure, and gesture recognition, setting new standards in intuitive control interfaces.

In essence, TG0 isn’t just transforming touch; it’s transforming experiences. With a dedication to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, TG0 continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing user interactions and paving the way for a future where touch technology isn’t just a feature, but an immersive experience.