What NFT can do for your startup? – Jason Nunnelley

Jason Nunnelley, an entrepreneur and he is been working on internet related technology since 1997, yep that’s 24 years now. His first tech business was a local internet service provider, which he sold in late 2000. He is helping people build technology businesses and solve tech problems ever since. We are excited to have a chat with him to know more about him and his business, Here is it –  

Hi Jason, Can you tell us more about your business UpgradeMedia?
UpgradeMedia is a nimble development team. We do the heavy lifting when a startup or enterprise client wants to build a brand new piece of technology. Our underlying framework and expertise in rapid application development helps companies launch new apps quickly. Since the COVID-19 crisis, many companies experimented with remote work. However, I’ve been running distributed teams since late 2000.

It simply never made since to force people to commute or drive from their homes to an office to sit back down and work on a computer. The rest of the world is learning what I’ve been practicing for 20 years. The internet provides the infrastructure to allow us to work from home, more effectively and more comfortably than we can work in an office. And, I’ve been cashing in on that reality for decades.

Team members live in Alabama, Texas, Australia, wherever they like. As long as your broadband internet connection is reliable, your home location doesn’t matter. There is no commute.

We are a future facing and future living team. Lately, NFTs have caught our attention and we are building technology and projects on the blockchain.

What is NFT and how does it matter to the overall security of any business ?
An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token, or put simply it’s just a digital record on the blockchain that is unique and not currency or a mass produced item. It can be a work of art, a digital collectible like a movie or motion graphic, or it could be a smart contract that contains far more complicated elements like royalty payments or property rights.

NFTs provide a way to secure contracts or record details in an immutable, virtually indisputable record. The beauty of Smart Contracts or blockchain stored data is that the dates and details can’t be altered or hidden. The biggest gain in security is securing transactions from misunderstanding or corruption

Whats your thoughts on the recent $69M purchase of an NFT (digital art) by Metakovan?

$69M is small change to Vignesh Sundaresan (MetaKovan).

However, just like Musk’s tactical investment in $1.5B worth of Bitcoin that he later liquidated and then devalued by dropping BTC for Tesla auto sales, the MetaKovan purchase shouldn’t be misunderstood as a standalone art investment.

That’s a far too simplistic view of this specific NFT purchase, and other high profile purchases should be similarily assumed to be multi-channel plays. The art piece may sell for more, but it’s far more likely an attention play to gain MetaKovan the kind of access to NFT players so as to position a new startup or some kind of value.

It’s a lot like going to a private party that costs tens of thousands to attend. You’re not spending that money because the┬áhor dourves justify the price. The people in that room aren’t easily accessible, and it’s a chance to shake hands and do deals you couldn’t do without that window of opportunity.

A lot of high profile NFTs are similar gateways to influence and attention. Whom among us were talking about MetaKovan before his crazy $69M Beeple purchase?

What interesting you are doing with NFT now ?
Very few businesses are using NFTs for anything right now, other than buying and selling digital collectibles. However, the blockchain offers an immutable record. The potential for transactions or property rights are exciting.

To showcase a very simple use for blockchain, we created IdeaMint. IdeaMint is a place to coin your concepts, or mint your ideas onto the immutable, irrevocable, decentralized blockchain as a permanent record (and evidence) of your idea.

What are the possible areas of business you can help startups and other businesses?
Many startups have reached out to us to help them build unique NFT marketplaces and write unique smart contracts onto the Ethereum blockchain. We can help businesses explore new opportunities in smart contracts and various chains and methods of using this technology. If you have an idea you want to launch in the real world, for more information check upgrademedia.com.