Alpha Voice’s AI consumes your past and present audio content

Alpha Voice’s AI consumes your past and present audio content. A Startup taalk. The voice revolution is here.

AlphaVoice is a platform which actually listens! It’s an observer which consumes your past and present voice content and based on that provides you a whole new level of interactive voice experience. In a world full of smartphones, this smart-app will get you closer to your users by giving them tons of option based on their choice. Check it out!

CALEB: I’m Caleb the Co-Founder about voice and I’m here at San Francisco’s at famous Knightsbridge Actor Space. I love podcasts like the so popular stories from radio labs. Well my favorite episodes are the one about that baboons eating trash. I also like the stories about driverless cars. The problem is it takes me twenty minutes to find favorite moment and share it so we built this. Alexa start Radio Lab.

ALEXA: Hi this is Radio Lab ask me anything what would you like to talk about?

CALEB: The Baboons trash.

ALEXA: We found the new Baboon by Radio Lab.

JACK: Hey this is Jack Radio Lab supported by rocket mortgage by quicken loans home plays a big role in –

CALEB: Alexa, stop.

ALEXA: Thanks for supporting Radio Lab.

CALEB:  Alexa, ask Radio Lab about cars.

ALEXA: I found a bunch of episodes that match cars first. We have to — second we have Driverless Dilemma Third we have where the Sun Don’t Shine which would you like to place?

CALEB: The second.

ALEXA: Great Starting Driverless Dilemma by Radio Lab.

GUEST: Hi this is — from mobile friends. Radio Lab is supported by UC Davis a Globally Ranked University solving problems – and if you —

CALEB: Alexa stop.

ALEXA: Thanks for supporting Radio Lab.

CALEB: But it’s so much more. We built as a word processor voice any content creator that wants to test explore or distribute on voice assistance can instantly get on board. Our system consumes your content and generates an interactive experience the listeners can find on major platforms like Facebook Messenger in Amazon Alexa.

New platforms like Google Home, Microsoft for Tanah and Apples’ phone pod are just around the corner. So if you just go to Amazon to buy commodities straight up you’re missing the whole point of thought leader’s expertise in an area.

GUEST: What becomes concerning is if they control the whole entire customer experience and that flow for everything all the brands get wiped away its brainwashing.

CALEB: Amazon is killing brands.

GUEST: They are?

CALEB: Yeah they are. If you talk to an Amazon Alexa and you ask for batteries they’re going to sell you Amazon batteries like I say there is –

GUEST: It’s their device?

CALEB: It is their device but voices this whole new platform.

GUEST: Yeah.

CALEB: You feel there is the space between my hands needs to be filled and right now Amazon is filling it because they control it but if these brands like there so if you want to survive you need to get on they need to build that relationship and they’re great on a voice platform. So next time their consumer is on a voice platform they thing oh, I lost there so I know they’re here.  I’ll just get the general no name Amazon batteries no that’s a better example.

GUEST: Simple I see what you hinted there.

CALEB: There are plenty of other brands.

GUEST: So you’re saying batteries right?

CALEB: I’m saying batteries. Okay that’s interesting it’s like a commodity product and so I’m not mad at Amazon it is their platform. They’re going to sell their own batteries what becomes concerning is if they control the whole entire customer experience for everything all the brands get wiped away its brainwashing.

GUEST: Is brainwashing you lose a lot of value there because brands have experience, brands provide value.

CALEB: So how do they provide guidance?

GUEST: Who makes baby food? Garber.

CALEB: Everyone has babies.

GUEST: Yeah.

CALEB: In order to sell baby food doesn’t Gerber probably have to prove that their expert in babies.

GUEST: They do and you know for also sells baby food.

CALEB: Amazon.

GUEST: Amazon. But Gerber is building this brand around like the whole family is food and what not and so in order to do that they probably have articles out there did you about how to feed your baby? How to do this? So if you just go to Amazon to buy commodities straight up you’re missing the whole point of thought leader’s expertise in an area.

CALEB: No I had a child and yeah I have children.

GUEST: Okay they’re still around right?

CALEB: They’re here.

GUEST: It’s really interesting there are so many different types of things that you wouldn’t think that you need to look out for when you’re buying baby foods? So there is allergies of vitamins you can’t just freedom crackers and serial I mean though which is they eat that all the time. So you have to think about supplements and vitamins in organic and fair treatment of animals.

There’s like all of these things around diets and dietary restrictions especially for children that you don’t know what the right answer is being new parents. So Garber and a couple of other websites we would honestly go to and figure out what it is that we should feed our child at what stage long? Of course there are set of doctors, nurses formulas and but whoever owns that conversation whoever owns that information is going on that customer.

CALEB: Yeah and they’ve got years of experience.

GUEST: Absolutely.

CALEB: Where Amazon is probably just buying in bulk from China selling the same baby food.

GUEST: Right.

CALEB: But it’s that expertise that you said you go to their website you Google it search for it.

GUEST: Yeah.

CALEB: But if you’re on a voice device and you are asking about baby’s food it just comes up with boom this is baby food you can buy nothing else.

GUEST: Right.

CALEB: You’re going to buy because you need it but you won’t have that conversation with Garber.

GUEST: There are certain different type’s aspects in your life where the cheapest isn’t the best.

CALEB: If it shows up in two days school but still I want a second opinion.

GUEST: Right. If you have to you serve the cheapest food for your child but you try to do better for your child. So like health and well are the two categories where you’re always going to have like a premium. You’re always going to need some form of education there’s always some kind of expert advice, subject matter expertise. And I think that’s what you’re getting at where the battery example I don’t have a specific conclusion for it yet.

CALEB: I’m not sure what expertise they have?

GUEST: The baby food example is an amazing. You could call lots of different ways with this. You could say what are the sleeping patterns of my child? You can record the sleeping patterns of their child over time because that’s something that’s very important.

What are the weights of my child, right? So if your baby’s too heavy or your baby’s too light you need to keep track of your weights. There are these different scenarios if your child is allergic or having stomach problems or throwing up with particular different types of formulas or different types of foods that’s something that you want to keep track of this well.

So when you have a child there’s all of these things that you’re on shore that have an assistant or having to have to talk to that’s just right there sitting on your calendar to ask a question would be like invaluable.

CALEB: You could write it all in a notebook you could keep an excel but your mom, your dad your hands are full – if you’re a kid you’ve got – probably you’ve got four toys on your arm.

GUEST: Yeah.

CALEB: This it makes sense because one of the advantages of voices just talks to it –

GUEST: Absolutely.

CALEB: You get up in the middle of the night Alexa, up again the babies crying. Yeah it’s like boom time stamp.

GUEST: Right. Then you know every time you feed it the Gerber pea pods, sugar snap peas —

CALEB: Because they can see those trends.

GUEST: Right.

CALEB: That’s crazy.

GUEST: Yeah. Now you know that your baby every time he needs sugar snap peas has a little into destine and stays up in that.

CALEB: Seek out the peas give it the carrots instead.

GUEST: Give it the carrots and potatoes man. Carrots are always like a good one to go with that’s a little bit sweet and then it tend to go good with the carrots.

CALEB: Only like peas.

GUEST: I do. I’ll take the peas. I never knew how much baby food I would eat until I became a parent? You would eat?

CALEB: I eat baby food all the time because it’s there.

GUEST: It’s there, its leftover and its tasty man. It’s got a lots of nutrients and vitamins.

CALEB: No shame and —

GUEST: I’m not letting that go. I mean one of those packets like a buck fifty, two bucks for like a little packet of food. What other brands that we want to tackle? If you’re brand excels at a particular subject matter, be it baby food, batteries, electronics whatever you’re an expert in let us know.

Hit us up we’ll do a consultation. We’ll try to figure out if there’s something here. I’ll just be honest with you and really try to help your business grow and give you feedback about what your business is and does it need a skilled doesn’t need a Alexa assistant.

CALEB: We’ve seen a lot of these skills. You saw that we just refer to one up here in five ten minutes. It’s about the user; it’s about the experience during your content.

GUEST: It’s about sharing your expertise and if you’re not sharing your expertise —

CALEB: There is someone else’s.

GUEST: Absolutely, your competitor will. Thank you.

CALEB: Your kid is up, nice program.