Dig – The dog person’s dating app

Are you a dog lover? Do you like to walk an extra mile to see the dogs at the park? Do you love dog
sitting even when your friends and co- workers don’t actually need it? This person’s dog dating app –
DIG is a pure blessing for a person like you. Offering multiple features, from searching people who
own a dog to finding out the exact size of the dog, this DIG app won’t leave you disappointed at all.
The feature that separates DIG from other apps is its ability to find dog friendly locations. This app Is
much more than swiping like other dating apps, DIG offers you best deals for the day and provides
one with various tricks.

An ultimate connection between the dog owners and dog lovers, DIG is an amazing platform found
by Casey and Leigh.

LEIGH ISAACSON, CEO & CO-FOUNDER AT DIG: Hi, Taalk Viewers thanks so much for your interest day because The Dog Person’s Dating App. First feel free to watch this short animated video to learn a little bit about who we are?


PRESENTER: You love Dogs. You’re the type that adds an extra two minutes to walk home just because the route goes past the dog park. You offer to dog sit for friends and co-workers even when they don’t really need a dog sitter or you scour all of your dating apps for hints that someone might have a dog like you’re some sort of Sherlock Holmes.

If you’ve got a good boy or girl of your own well any potential dates better now that you two are a package deal and if the dog doesn’t approve you don’t either but now it’s time to put your dogless roads behind you with Dick the Dog Person’s Dating App.

Filters that you look for matches with or without a dog you can even filter by dog size so you know they’re pup can fit into your apartment. Date even goes above and beyond simply swiping left to right by showing dog friendly locations in your area, local dog friendly events in tips and tricks of the day. Join today to find someone you really dig, did the Dog Person’s Dating App.

LEIGH ISAACSON: Dig, Is the Dog Person’s Dating App for dog owners and dog lovers.

CASEY ISAACSON, CCO & CO-FOUNDER AT DIG: Dog people are always looking for ways to get the dogs in their lives. Now we have a dating app that connects the dog people based on what’s most important to them. Dig doesn’t stop at the swipe like other dating apps. Search for dog friendly locations get daily deals from local businesses and buying tips and tricks of the day. Find someone you really Dig. Download Dig today for free on the app store.

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