This is Why You Don’t Succeed!


Despite the fact that we have one of the best healthcare in the world and the most advanced technology, the number of preventable deaths are still limitless. The sole reason behind this is only that hospitals are treated like businesses. The ones who provide all the
care are not taken care of, leading to the most tragic outcomes – DEATHS. The same happens when we work for companies. Not performing to the best of our abilities leads to the feeling of unfulfillment, results into stress and ultimately diseases. According to
the recent statistics, the reason behind the kids who turn into bullies is not the parenting but the unfulfillment parents carry with them from their jobs.

Simon shares one of his best experiences at the Boot Camp in Paris; wherein few strangers connected in a very less time. All these experiences made him realize that it’s all about one’s willingness to face the risk and one only takes it for those who would probably take it for him. Working for others and helping them gives a sense of positivity to the one who does and an inspiration to others because at the end of the day we all are social animals.

The only problem that lies behind this is that we have always been trying to replace these positive vibes with digital gadgets and money. But we tend to forget that it’s all about understanding our values and the power of making others realize their strengths is always unmatched.

Beautifully closing his speech, he concludes:
“Destination is more important than the route, we are flexible with the route but obsessed
with the destination.”