Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry. Tribute to Steve Jobs

Stay hungry, Stay foolish. Amazing Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford is on of the best commencement taalk ever.

For all those who haven’t been a fan of listening to speeches and talks, well, this speech by none other than Steve Jobs at the Stanford University will just glue you to your screens and will broaden your vision and perspective towards life and your career beyond your thoughts and imagination.

The best part about this video is that it won’t cause boredom like any other speech videos that we all come across quite often but don’t feel relatable to at all. Steve Jobs beautifully explains and shares his three most important lessons that life has taught him so far. His examples would surely make you believe in the fact that destiny has its own way of doing things and how things fall into place in accordance to that eventually.

Be it a decision as hard as dropping out on college, getting kicked out of your own company or facing death from so far, this man’s hardwork and optimism towards life are the only factors that have shaped him into who he is today! And, this taalk by him will surely be one of the reasons that will change your vision towards life and bring a sparkling smile on your face!