Don’t Let Facetime Errors Stop You From Establishing a Connection


The consequences of the world’s deadliest pandemic are not unknown. Lockdown and social distancing made the situation even worse. In such a mind-boggling situation, FaceTime appeared to be a lifesaver for many. From seeing your family who’s away to connect with colleagues for important decisions, whatever may be the case, FaceTime and Group FaceTime are letting thousands of users save time typing and hopping on a call.

Interestingly, Apple did not allow using FaceTime on bigger screens. But, now it’s allowing people to configure their devices with FaceTime using a Bluestack program and enjoy uninterrupted services. But sometimes, even the greatest asset can break down in the middle of an important call.

What to do in such a situation? Worry not!! Let’s help you fix the issue right away!

Facetime not Working on Mac?
Apple’s Facetime is a free app that expedites the connection between Apple users. However, like any other application, sometimes it leaves you alone at an important event. Well!! If you face the same problem, we’ll help you find a solution to learn how to facetime on mac by fixing the issue in no time.

Here’s how to get it done.

Check your Wi-Fi and Mobile Connection

For your Facetime to work correctly, make sure that your device is connected to a high-speed internet connection. In case you are struggling to establish a connection with the Wi-Fi router, try reloading it.

Facetime requires a broadband connection to work adequately. Ensure that your signal has all the appropriate features to use the application without any interruptions. However, if nothing works, it is possible that your iPhone is not catching the signals. So, in that case, go to mobile data and see if it is on or not.

Check the Apple Servers

If you witness that all your signals are fine, but the connection is still not established, maybe there is a problem in the app itself. To check if the servers are functional, go to the Apple System Status Page and check for any impairments.

Check if your Phone Number is correct

You may be aware of the fact that whenever you make a Facetime call from your number, the system automatically employs your Phone no or Apple ID email address to identify you as a caller.

Ensure that you are using the correct number for authentication- go to Facetime and then Preferences in the menu on the top of the screen. You can confirm if the phone number or email ID provided there match your details.

Check if you have verified your email address

You have to verify your email address whenever you are using Facetime for the first time. You are given a verification link to serve the purpose. You can encounter Facetime issues when you accidentally ignore that verification mail.

Whenever you want to check whether your account is under verification or not, go to the Facetime menu on the top of your screen and click on the Preferences option. If you witness a verifying Status, then this is the most probable reason behind the problem.

Update your Facetime application

It is not uncommon that developers bring updates for any application to maintain its integrity and security. So, there might be chances that your FaceTime is not working because of that. So, you must check if you are using the latest version of the Facetime app. To check if the app has any updates, go to the Apple store and click on the updates in the left sidebar menu.

Check the time and date

Incorrect time and date on your system may lead to Facetime issues. Make sure that you have the right time zone on your digital device. To check the settings, click on time displayed on the top right corner of your screen and select Open Date and Time References.

Move to the Time Zone tab and click on the lock in the bottom left corner of the window to allow changes. Once you get access by entering the password, tick on the box next to ‘set time zone automatically using location’. In the Date and Time tab, you can change the respective settings manually.


Facetime has numerous advantages over any other traditional video calling platform, such as better sound quality and cost-effectiveness, and allows you to toggle between Facetime audio and video.

However, certain bugs on Facetime can often leave you frustrated. Obviously, you don’t want to lose a platform like this amidst the growing COVID crisis. So it’s essential to make it error-free. Hopefully, the solutions mentioned above will solve your problems right away!!