A geeked-out graphene jacket for all-round adventures

Graphene-X is changing that with their clothing line and we want to get you some to try.

If it wasn’t obvious, Graphene-X makes clothing out of graphene. The material has a range of interesting properties, it’s stronger than steel, highly durable, and is anti-bacterial.

Graphene-X’s first product is the Alpha Series Jacket, a three-layer, year round jacket. Graphene is integrated into the shell to add abrasion resistance and self-regulating heat retention – to keep you warm when cold, and fresh when hot. It’s waterproof, lightweight, breathable and “scienced” to last. Unlike a lot of “functional” or “outdoor” gear, it doesn’t look ridiculous. You can just as easily cruise to a cafe for a date in style as you can go trail running. See media kit for images.

Last year, the company raised over $800K USD via crowdfunding, and has delivered jackets to more than 2000 backers across 70 countries.

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