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Freshwork’s Culture and Journey!

Freshworks created a fresh approach to business software which has helped over 50,000 companies worldwide exceed their customers and employee expectations. By meeting their customers where they need us most – with beautiful products that offer next-level value – we help them drive clear business results.

Freshworks journey, by vested finance

“There was a huge sense of accomplishment (and excitement) here at Freshworks when they finished this very important milestone in the company’s history: going public on NASDAQ,” explained an excited Girish Mathrubootham, founder of Freshworks. When the announcement was made, shares for the company immediately began trading above $26 (after starting at $24 – one dollar drop from its offering price). 

Since Freshworks launched, our platform has seen a 50% spike in daily new accounts opened.

At the time of listing, the Girish Mathrubootham – founded SaaS giant made 10% of company stock available for retail buying. The IPO event allowed Freshworks to raise $1.03 billion from the public markets towards further product development and a new office building.

Freshworks managed to maintain its top position on Vested despite a fall of 1.66% to $46.75 (from $47.54) at the close of markets on Friday.

The Startup Story: Girish Mathrubootham co-founded the company in 2010, overseeing its growth from an idea to a leading software company empowering businesses to delight their customers and employees. He is also an active angel investor and adviser to SaaS start-ups.

Girish co-founded Freshworks (then Freshdesk) in October 2010 after a poor customer service experience, which crystallized a core understanding: customers deserve to be treated better. What began as a single product focused on customer service is now a global business with a comprehensive suite of products.

Under Girish’s leadership, Freshworks has expanded to 13 global locations – including the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia – to serve nearly 50,000 customers throughout the world. Freshworks counts Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global Management, and CapitalG among its largest investors.

Girish is passionate about fostering economic development and entrepreneurship. He has invested in over 60 startups and is a founding member of SaaSBOOMi, Asia’s largest community of founders and product builders shaping India’s SaaS industry.

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