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A Music Marketplace to buy and sell beats

Gemtracks is a marketplace for musicians to buy and sell beats, hire freelance producers and book recording studios. Our aim is to become the ultimate spot for people in the music industry to find resources, collaborate and get help. Jesse Neo is the Co-founder of Gemtracks,  Jesse Neo is a British-Australian singer, songwriter, musician, DJ and producer. Here is our taalk with Jesse Neo to know more about his vision and his cool product.

Why you started building Gemtracks?

There was a time when I worked as a songwriter for several record labels. After my contract ended, I decided I wanted to start my own business where I could sell my unused beats and instrumentals. I started Gemtracks as a personal store to sell my beats but eventually I got recommendations from visitors to turn Gemtracks into a public marketplace. Today, anyone can sign up to sell beats and offer other musical services.

What is the key problem you are trying to solve through Gemtracks?

We want to provide a simple and one-stop platform that musicians from every genre can come together to collaborate and get access to useful resources. All the transactions on Gemtracks takes care of all the legal aspects such as copyright ownership transfer, payment processing and more.

Whats the Vision that drives you and Gemtracks?

Seeing so many industries becoming virtual, I hope Gemtracks will also help the music industry be more innovative as well. In the future, we will offer more services such as music distribution, playlist placements and more.

If you are an artist, make sure you head over to Gemtracks to find Beats for sale!



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