Can Music Heal your soul?

It was great Interacting with Vermon Little and learning about his mission of using Music as a tool to heal people. Its true, when we go through tough times we love listening to music which can bring us peace! Here is a quick chat with him on his mission and his new venture “Double Minded”

Why do you want to be a Musician?

I love music. But not just to listen to, I also have a passion for writing songs. I was thinking about leaving words behind that have an impact on people’s lives. I believe that my Double Minded EP is a good first step.

What’s the Vision that drives you?

To be quite frank, there’s a lot of hurting, lost, and confused people in the world. There are also many without a sense of direction because they’re tossed between many different opinions. I try to give instruction, provide counsel, and offer encouragement through music.

I’m looking forward to opportunities to speak to large crowds of people who need to be inspired. I admire many from Les Brown to Joel Osteen who have sown seeds of hope into people’s lives. From churches to college campuses, to arena’s, my focus is on speaking engagements.



Can Music Heal your soul?

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