How Anjali Sud turned Vimeo Into A Billion-Dollar Company


Vimeo is one of the world’s leading all-in-one video solution Platform. Vimeo with its subscription plans and services is definitely a user first approach. To arrive here, there is one woman who made the difference in changing Vimeos performance to an extent that it went public now. It’s Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo.

It is rightly said that nothing can match the happiness of witnessing the success of something that has been grown with all your efforts and time. Anjali Sud, the women behind VIMEO, has witnessed a similar feeling, after her company has been listed on the Nasdaq. Culminated with hard work, dedication and a concrete vision, VIMEO today truly has stood out in the crowd.

Well, what exactly is VIMEO?

Vimeo as we know was something thats close youtube in all means. but the pivote from Entertainment to Entrepreneurs is quite an interesting one. it turned Vimeo into billion dollar business today.

With a base of around 200 million followers, Vimeo is one of its kind video streaming platforms. You must be wondering what kept Vimeo lead the game even in such high competition. Well, the top-notch quality and highly professional men at work is the secret behind the success of this public company run by a 37-year-old.

With revenue touching around 80 million dollars per quarter, Vimeo has never looked back, and it has touched the remarkable mark of a customer base as high as 1.5 million.

When asked what kept her going among such high competition with players like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon prime, the young CEO said that deciding to stand out and not compete with them is what worked for her company.

In today’s world where woman have reached great heights, Anjali Sud’s achievement as a leader, has truly made to some of the exemplary names that would be remembered in the list of top business woman. Being in the list of Fortune’s 40 under 40 is truly an example of true women empowerment.

This taalk @TNW shares the vision she had it years before.