Tamil Nadu Global Expo & Knowledge Summit 2024: A Celebration of Knowledge and Global Excellence


In Tamil Nadu, the Jubilant Tamil Nadu Global Expo and Knowledge Summit 2024 unfolded as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and economic prosperity. Organized by the Jubilant Coimbatore Foundation and supported by FameTN & Startup TN, in partnership with BNI Tamilnadu, this event set a significant milestone in the state’s journey towards becoming a global investment hub, with an impressive turnout and engagement:

  • Over 10,000 Delegates: A massive gathering of minds from various sectors, reflecting the event’s wide-reaching impact and appeal.
  • More than 50 Knowledge Sessions & Focused Workshops: Offering in-depth insights into the latest trends, strategies, and innovations across industries.
  • Over 75 Speakers: Thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators shared their experiences, challenges, and success stories, providing valuable lessons and inspiration.
  • 350+ Exhibitors: A diverse showcase of products, services, and innovations across Tamil Nadu’s vibrant industrial landscape.
  • 15+ Countries International Roadshows: Extending the summit’s reach and fostering global connections through targeted roadshows.
  • 20+ Countries International Delegates: Demonstrating the global interest in Tamil Nadu’s economic and industrial potential, with delegates from over 20 countries.

The expo and summit served as a platform for showcasing Tamil Nadu’s industrial sectors and investment opportunities. It aimed to spotlight the state’s robust infrastructure, skilled workforce, and business-friendly policies, positioning Tamil Nadu as a promising destination for investors worldwide.

The event facilitated global partnerships through B2B and B2G meetings, paving the way for cross-border investments and technology transfers. This initiative was crucial in a world striving for economic resilience and sustainability.

The summit provided a platform for startups to engage with mentors, investors, and potential clients, enriching Tamil Nadu’s startup ecosystem. The startup pitch competitions highlighted the creativity and ambition within the state, offering startups a chance to secure funding.

Highlights from the Jubilant Tamil Nadu Global Expo and Knowledge Summit 2024
The Jubilant Tamil Nadu Global Expo and Knowledge Summit 2024 was an event that showcased a multitude of innovations, ideas, and products from various sectors. Here’s a closer look at some of the standout companies and their stalls that made a significant impact at the event.

Dhruv Enterprises presented an impressive range of scooter and bike accessories, with a particular focus on helmets and safety gear. Founded in 2009, their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was evident in the premium products displayed. Under Mr. Deepak Arora’s leadership, they’ve carved a niche in the market, emphasizing safety and style for riders.

Aquaclan Water Purifiers showcased cutting-edge water purification technology, emphasizing their commitment to health and wellness. Since 2017, under the guidance of Mr. Guruswamy C, Aquaclan has been a symbol of purity and innovation, offering a range of water purifiers and dispensers designed with advanced technology for unparalleled water quality.

Venpura Traders brought the essence of Tamil Nadu’s agricultural richness to the forefront with their “Coconut Wonders.” Celebrating 18 years of excellence, Venpura has been a significant player in the wholesale of manufactured food products, focusing on the versatility and health benefits of coconut-based products.

Urban Glory transformed spaces into homes with their custom furnishing solutions. Since 2018, partnering with premium brands, they’ve been creating luxurious, comfortable living spaces that reflect modern tastes and lifestyles, showcasing an array of sofas that blend design with comfort. Each piece is a testament to the art of living well, designed not just for aesthetic appeal but as a celebration of personal style and comfort.

Shanthi Infra displayed their visionary projects, including residential and private villas, over three decades of experience. Their stall was a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, embodying their vision of bringing dream homes and business operations to life.

Astral Business Consulting shared insights into their 150 years of collective experience in process improvement and management consultancy. Specializing in Systems & Operations Audit, their stall provided a comprehensive look into how they propel businesses towards achieving their organizational goals through strategic auditing and consultancy.

G Square stood out as a real estate visionary, offering customers the chance to shape their dream homes. Their journey from land aggregators to passionate plot promoters was showcased, highlighting their successful projects and the stories they’ve created in communities across various cities.

Alphathreadrolling presented a range of industrial products with a focus on quality and client satisfaction. Their success is attributed to a professional team, ethical business practices, and a commitment to on-time delivery, showcasing their prowess in the industry.

Imagica captured memories with their exquisite photo frames and Tanjore paintings. With over 45 years in the framing industry, they’ve become a one-stop destination for art lovers, offering handcrafted quality frames that preserve cherished moments.

Sarvam Logistics demonstrated their excellence in logistics and supply chain management solutions. Recognized as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) and an International Air Transport Agent (IATA), their stall emphasized their commitment to compliance, data security, and providing seamless logistics services.

Ocean Spray offered a glimpse into luxury with their resort stall. Their idyllic luxury resort, nestled by the Bay of Bengal, showcased the tranquility and beauty of their location, emphasizing their commitment to providing a memorable experience for guests.

SV Energy Systems highlighted the importance of sustainable energy solutions. With over 25 years of experience, their stall showcased their expertise in supplying and servicing industries with eco-friendly solar power solutions, emphasizing the shift towards renewable energy sources.

AFJ Associates displayed their architectural and engineering prowess with unique designs and technology-driven projects. Led by Mr. Jaffir Sulaiman, their stall demonstrated their commitment to premium, big-budget projects completed with efficiency and innovation.

Cleantek offered solutions for industrial cleaning and air filtration. Since 2006, their range of products, including dust collectors and vacuum cleaners, highlighted their commitment to creating cleaner, safer work environments across various industries.

Cosy Hides Premium Furniture showcased luxury seating solutions made from quality Italian leather. Their stall displayed a range of recliners and sofas, emphasizing comfort, style, and the value of genuine leather in modern living spaces.

Optech Software introduced their desktop billing software, emphasizing ease of use, security, and efficiency in billing processes. With a significant user base, their stall showcased their commitment to minimizing billing errors and enhancing customer experience through technology.

GMAC Associates highlighted their expertise in automation, displaying products like worm gearboxes and electric motors. Their focus on quality and leadership under Mr. Viswanathan D. was evident, showcasing their role in advancing industrial automation.

Sri Lakshmi Industries has been a hallmark of excellence in the kitchen appliance sector since 1963, showcasing a wide array of wet grinders and commercial kitchen equipment. Their products, known for precision and catering to various hospitality and kitchen industries, underscore their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their strong R&D capabilities and a team of professionals have positioned them as leaders in their field, striving for quick delivery and optimum client satisfaction.

Precision Tapes and Sealants demonstrated their expertise in the foam industry and packaging solutions, evolving significantly since their inception in 2002. Under the visionary leadership of Muralidharan.M, they have expanded their product range to meet the diverse needs of packing and sealing, showcasing their flexibility and capacity for innovation. With a focus on customer-first approaches, they’ve grown to offer a wide range of packaging solutions, supported by a team of engineers and technologists.

Virgin Industries highlighted their commitment to sustainability with their recycled Kraft paper products. Established in 2019 near Coimbatore, they’ve quickly made a mark in the paper industry by focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Their journey from a modest beginning to a significant player in the market showcases their dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation in paper manufacturing.

Dharanees Fire brought to the forefront their expertise in fire safety and protection engineering. With 15 years of experience, they’ve become known for their comprehensive range of fire safety products and services, aimed at ensuring efficient and effective fire protection solutions. Their dedication to client satisfaction and community safety sets them apart, offering a culture of integrity, innovation, and excellence in fire safety.

Sagan Machines, established in 2014, showcased their ambition to lead in the kitchen equipment industry with their range of bakery and snacks machines. Their commitment to using high-grade materials and maintaining production norms has enabled them to offer efficient and effective solutions for the food industry, underscoring their dedication to quality and innovation in manufacturing.

Poorna Associates displayed a variety of construction materials, including cement grills, pillars, windows, and metal fittings, emphasizing timely and effective delivery. Their offerings reflect a blend of quality and craftsmanship, catering to the construction industry’s needs with a focus on durability and design.

Texvalley presented itself as a reimagined marketplace, catering to both B2B and B2C segments, spread across 20,00,000 square feet in Erode, Tamil Nadu. Their strategic location and comprehensive offerings make it a hub for textile and garment buyers globally, showcasing their vision as a category killer in the retail space.

Sampack India Corporation, since 2001, has been a leader in manufacturing, wholesaling, and exporting a variety of packaging machines and equipment. Their commitment to customization and precision has established them as a preferred name in the industry, backed by the guidance of Mr. Muthu Muthuadaikkalavan, ensuring quality and innovation in every product.

Gloshipping and Logistics has built successful businesses since 1995, offering tailor-made logistics solutions across 50+ countries. Their global presence and commitment to ease in managing import-exports for their customers highlight their expertise and dedication to providing seamless logistics services.

Ynot Event Planners and Ynot Photography brought creative and unique wedding, social engagement, and event solutions to life. Founded in late 2016, their consultative approach and passion for capturing candid moments have made them a go-to for unforgettable experiences, showcasing their ability to turn dreams into reality through meticulous planning and photography.

Lifestyle Abodeā„¢ offered a selection of innovative household items designed to enhance daily routines with simplicity and enjoyment. Their commitment to transforming home experiences with smart solutions and modern sophistication was evident, showcasing their dedication to improving life through innovative products.

Xcodefix Private Limited demonstrated their expertise in digital solutions, specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost online presence and growth. With a strong background and a commitment to excellence, their team has managed numerous successful SEO projects, showcasing their ability to empower businesses with effective digital strategies and optimizations.

Each stall at the Jubilant Tamil Nadu Global Expo and Knowledge Summit 2024 was a testament to innovation, quality, and the pursuit of excellence across various sectors. These companies not only showcased their products and services but also their commitment to contributing to Tamil Nadu’s growth as a global investment destination. The event was a confluence of minds, ideas, and cultures, welcoming a diverse group of participants with a shared vision of fostering economic growth and innovation. It marked a stepping stone towards a prosperous and interconnected world.