Startup Thamizha: Tamil Nadu’s Big Leap into Entrepreneurship!


The Minister for MSME of Tamil Nadu, T M Anbarasan, just set the stage for something groundbreaking: ‘Startup Tamizha,’ a TV show seeking to find 50 promising startups from Tamil Nadu and get them funded by respected investors. This initiative by StartupTN, backed by the state government, aims to boost innovation and support new businesses. 

Here’s the lowdown: the show will air on a popular Tamil channel, starting its first season around February 2024. It’s a big deal because it’s not just about entertainment; it’s about finding and funding promising startups. The funding commitment is impressive too—Rs 200 crore! Refex Group, Dr Velumani of Thyrocare, Pontaq, and Native Lead Angels are among the big investors backing this initiative. 

Program Goal

  • To inspire the masses of Tamil Nadu to take up entrepreneurship as a mass movement
  • Change from Job seeking to Job creation mindset
  • For promoting Startup investments as an asset class for investors & HNIs.
  • To contribute to the TN Government’s vision of transforming the state into a 1 Trillion Economy and to actively promote the growth of startups and MSMEs.
  • To highlight impact of investment & change in social, women, rural areas of focus.

Why Tamil Nadu? Well, it’s a manufacturing powerhouse, accounting for a hefty chunk of India’s manufacturing and exports. The state contributes about 9% to India’s GDP, with half of that coming from the MSME sector (that’s Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). These enterprises are crucial for balanced growth and creating job opportunities.

The event’s lineup was star-studded with top government officials and key figures from the industry lending their support. They highlighted how startups are the backbone of these smaller enterprises and the state’s economic growth.

Some companies called Brand Avatar, Blue Koi, and Refex Capital will make and run the show. The head of StartupTN, Sivarajah Ramanathan, says this is a big deal for the government’s plans to boost the economy through startups. It’s like a big team effort to make businesses in Tamil Nadu really successful.


To develop Tamil Nadu into a global destination for Startups & Entrepreneurs, acrosss verticals by creating a comprehensive ecosystem that’s decocratically structured to nurture success


To create, support and nurture a vibrant Startup ecosystem in Tamil Nadu resulting in innovation and entrepreneurship driven employment and economic growth, facilitating creation of at least 5000 Startups including 10 global high growth Startups by 2023.

So, how can startups get involved? They need to register on Once registered, they’ll go through a rigorous five-stage screening process involving experts and investors. The chosen 50 startups will receive mentorship and training to prepare for their prime-time TV pitch.

Startup Tamizha goes beyond being a mere TV show; it’s a transformative force for Tamil Nadu’s startup community, aligning with the government’s vision for a prosperous and innovative state. It’s all about nurturing new ideas, fostering entrepreneurship, and ultimately boosting the economy.