Unlocking Business Success: Exploring Quality, Reliability, and Six Sigma Analytics Insights


The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) recently organized a dynamic workshop in Coimbatore, aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners, with a specific focus on quality reliability in business operations. The event, held at Chamber Towers on Avinashi Road, was jointly organized by ICCI and the Indian Statistical Institute, Coimbatore. The workshop, titled “Quality Reliability in Business,” brought together industry professionals and experts from various sectors such as automotive, healthcare, discrete manufacturing, and software.

The workshop commenced with an emphasis on the challenges faced by businesses when price, production, and delivery take precedence over maintaining high-quality standards. The detrimental impact of variations in quality was highlighted, along with the increasing costs of warranty claims and the demand for free replacement of manufacturing components.

A significant aspect of the workshop was the presentation of various studies conducted in different sectors, demonstrating the practical application of Six Sigma analytics. Corporate professionals shared their insights and findings, showcasing the benefits of implementing quality and reliability practices in fields such as automobile manufacturing, healthcare, and software development.

Distinguished speakers provided valuable perspectives on quality and reliability. H. Ramasubramanian, Vice President of R&D at Brakes India, stressed the importance of MSMEs prioritizing quality and reliability to meet customer requirements effectively. Roney Simon, Managing Director of Simon and Cailand, Italy, emphasized the need for design and development in India to enhance exports of engineering and apparel products to Europe. The speakers highlighted the significance of data-driven decision-making for achieving business goals and enhancing product value.

Esteemed personalities like Padmashree Dr. G. Bakthavtsalam, Chairman of KG Group, and Brig. A.V. Subramanian, President of the Advanced Technology Centre (LMW), also shared their insights. Dr. Prasun Das, Associate Dean of the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, shed light on the future challenge of incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence modeling in business process decision-making.

The workshop also delved into the cost of poor quality and showcased various studies and achievements in different sectors. Prof. A. Rajagopal highlighted successful efforts in reducing rework and achieving zero defects in engineering components and rubber wedge components. The prediction of brake pad wear in automobiles and the development of AI models for polytraumatic accident victims were also discussed.

The workshop concluded with a demonstration by an automotive/aerospace component manufacturer, showcasing database-based quality reliability analytics in areas such as supply chain management, customer feedback analysis, and machine utilization. The session served as an eye-opener for many entrepreneurs and professionals, providing them with valuable insights and practical examples of implementing quality and reliability practices in their own businesses.

Overall, the workshop organized by ICCI and the Indian Statistical Institute, Coimbatore, proved to be an informative and inspiring event, highlighting the significance of quality reliability in modern business operations. Entrepreneurs and professionals left the workshop equipped with knowledge and practical strategies to enhance their businesses through effective quality management and data-driven decision-making.