Top 10 Rules for Success – Warren Buffett’s

Warren Buffett was the single most successful investor of the 20th century. Time Magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world. He is worth over 70 billion dollars. Warren Buffett top rules for success

  1. Try to find your passion. For example, if you think you are going to be a lot happier if you have got 2x instead of x, you are making a mistake. You need to find something that works for you uniquely.
  1. Hire Well: The three things in hiring people you look for are integrity, intelligence, and energy. If people lack integrity, they want to be dumb and lazy they won’t be smart.
  1. Don’t care what others think: As Tom Watson said “ I am no genius but I am smart in spots and I stay around those spots”. You should never bother about the people who disagree with you.
  1. Read Read Read: Read at least 5 to 6 hours per day. Try to include your daily newspapers and important facts and biographies of famous personalities.
  1. Have a margin of safety: If you don’t drive a truck that weighs 99 hundred pounds across a bridge that sets a limit of 10 thousand pounds because you can’t be sure about it.
  1. Have a competitive advantage: The basic nature of capitalism is that people want to come and take your castle. So you need to have a dominant character in you where you can build and establish your empire with your competitive spirit.
  1. Schedule for your personality: If you want to plan your everyday activities with your personality type and give yourself a strict daily everyday schedule for your self-care and daily plans.
  2. Always be competing: Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. So we should develop the attitude of competing with others in the business.
  1. Model Success: Ben Graham was the primary mentor, model, and was a professor at Columbia. It was a key point for investing at the age of 11 on the stock market. Graham’s book “ The Intelligent Investor” paved a way for him and educated him about investment real-time ideas.
  1. Give unconditional love: When you offer unconditional love within your family, friends and you receive it from them and this would help them to be motivated in real-time and to achieve greater heights and which is a powerful thing and come out in flying colors.