Nostalgia is the Joy of being Sad

Nostalgia is something that makes us want to go back to specific times and re live them. usually it comes from music, smell, a picture or photograph but it generally it create you a mixed of feeling you being Happy and Sad 🙂

This video gives the clear cut history of how the nostalgia have been found and developed from the Greek word “nostos” which means “homecoming” and “algos” which means “pain”. Something that was denoted for a disease was later termed for a state of feeling that a person undergoes wistful affection from the past.

Nostalgia boosts psychological well being of the person which helps in making the person forget his present stress for a while and by doing so he will be enabled to face the upcoming work without pressure. The video also states that Nostalgia helps the person to involve themselves enthusiastically into their work by providing them tranquility. Every startup will have its own difficulties in the initial stage where a person may end up having a severe stress for which nostalgia is a solution that helps them to get back themselves to a part of life where they had a happy and fun filling experiences.

This video denotes that reminiscence process has been medically proved to increase a person’s contentment. Also this helps the individual to attain equanimity in distress situation. This makes a man decisive and very precise of what he decides,

People who startup a new career with negative emotions use nostalgia to reduce stress and restore their well being. Nostalgia though a simple random word we go through is having immense power to transform a individual into a resilient.

Any individual with stress or any person who is under nerve racking situation are always recommended to follow the concept of the video and revive their happy and enthusiastic business life. Stress can cause a wide range of health problems for most people, and it affects most of them in an invisible way. This article gives 10 simple ways to reduce the effects of stress. This video emulsifies that a nostalgia helps in keeping our inner self happy and content.