Unveiling the Stars of Innovation: Startup Thiruvizha Shines in Coimbatore


Welcome to the heart of innovation in the vibrant city of Coimbatore! As Startup Thiruvizha takes center stage, we are thrilled to introduce you to the trailblazing startups that are redefining the entrepreneurial landscape. From AI-powered breakthroughs to sustainable solutions, this event is a celebration of ingenuity, and here are some of the startups we have interacted with and hope we will be adding lot more to this list!

Thrilled to present a detailed account of the dynamic inauguration of the TN Startup Thiruvizha 2023 (TN Startup Festival) on August 19th, a lively Saturday marking the festival’s inaugural day. This distinctive event, orchestrated by Startup TN, took an innovative twist by occurring within the metaverse. Remarkably, despite its virtual nature, the festival’s impact transcended boundaries, creating an immersive experience that felt akin to thousands congregating in person.

The sight that unfolded was nothing short of awe-inspiring, as the virtual expanse brimmed with the boundless enthusiasm of participants hailing from diverse corners of the startup ecosystem. Yet, my role as an event blogger extended beyond initial impressions. Opting for a patient approach, I observed as the festival’s influence permeated and settled before sharing my reflections.

A week onward, the fervor remains palpable, and I’m elated to affirm that the TN Startup Thiruvizha has indelibly marked its presence within the startup realm. It’s beyond the quantitative headcount; the essence lies in the resonance generated. Here’s the discernment on what truly constitutes an event and conference of resounding success:

  1. Engagement Beyond the Event: The veritable success of an event is manifested through discussions that linger well after its culmination. Precisely this phenomenon has transpired with the TN Startup Thiruvizha. Conversations brim with key insights, sparking meaningful dialogues and a willingness to share experiences gleaned during the festival.
  2. Cultivating Collaboration: A potent indicator of success lies in the forging of valuable business alliances sprouting from event connections. In the context of this festival, entrepreneurs are actively embracing collaboration with newfound acquaintances, setting the stage for promising future joint ventures.
  3. Eager Anticipation for Future Editions: A conclusive triumph is when attendees are already inquiring about forthcoming editions while the current one is ongoing. The stir surrounding the TN Startup Thiruvizha has already ignited queries about the next installment, unequivocally indicating the event’s vibrant success.

Without a doubt, these three pivotal markers have been wholeheartedly met by the TN Startup Thiruvizha. It is, with immense pleasure and unwavering enthusiasm, that the event is declared an unequivocal and monumental triumph!

Distinguished guests graced the festival, augmenting its significance manifold. The esteemed Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Thiru M. K. Stalin, addressed the audience through video, striking a chord with Coimbatoreans and anchoring the event within the city’s ethos. The honorable minister for MSME, Thiru Tha Mo Anbarasan, alongside MSME secretary, Thiru Arun Roy, entrusted the festival’s reins to the capable hands of Shivaraja Ramanathan, Startup TN’s CEO. In the course of the event, the minister and secretary unveiled a much-needed initiative – the

Tamil Nadu startup helpline: 155343.

Among the notable speakers, the Honorable Tamil Nadu Minister for Industries, Thiru TRB Rajaa, held attendees captive with insights into Coimbatore’s historical relevance and its potential to nurture multi-billion dollar enterprises. Notably, his timely acknowledgment of Coimbatore’s contribution to Chandrayaan-3’s success showcased the city’s pivotal role in national achievements.

Mr. Sivarajah’s vision of Coimbatore as the quintessential venue gained significant endorsement through numerous interactions with stakeholders, further amplified by his dedicated team spanning across the state. Nights devoid of sleep and unflagging commitment culminated in this triumphant feat, deserving resounding applause. Roi Siva, Sakthi RainMan, Rajan BL, Dinesh, Arvind Subramaniam, Venkadeswari Venky Nativelead, Anand, Rahul Rajusree, and a host of others devoted countless hours to bring this event to fruition.

The speaker roster was graced with luminaries. Insights shared by Suresh Sambandam, Velumani Arokiaswamy, Kumaravel Ck, Balasubramanian AJ, Aazhi Senthil Nathan, Suresh Kumar, and Induja Ragunathan enriched attendees, their thoughts serving as invaluable guideposts. Suresh Sambandam’s presentation on தலை நிமிர் காலம் left an indelible imprint, evoking fervent requests for copies. The pinnacle of the event was Suresh Sambandam’s exploration of startup prospects across Tamil Nadu, spotlighting unconventional avenues like Vettiver extraction, and Dhruv from iCliniq.

Some of the interesting startups at the expo –

1. Shortfundly

Shortfundly, an innovative online media company, has positioned itself as a catalyst for change in the realm of Indian short films. With a profound belief in making the best Indian films accessible and ensuring that great stories are shared, Shortfundly stands at the intersection of technology and storytelling. Crafted by a team of engineers and filmmakers, the platform empowers users to effortlessly discover, watch, and share the richness of Indian short films

2. Reflect Security

3. GroupPal



6. Xcodefix

7. Aintiram Web Tech Pvt. Ltd.

8. Inno Valley Works

9. Sri Ramachandra Innovation Incubation Centre

And now, amidst this turn of events that leaves us profoundly humbled, we’re humbled to share that Taalk Studio has been graced with the honor of securing the prized first place in a short film contest jointly organized by Shortfundly and Startup TN.

Their modestly named creation, “One Ride,” has ascended to the zenith, a heartening acknowledgment of their efforts in the realm of short films.

Followed by the interview of Samuel Gurudas, showcasing our competency.