How to make a great talking head video for your business that sells? A Complete Guide


By 2022 82% of entire internet’s consumer traffic will be thru Online Videos, 81% of businesses use video in their marketing strategy which is a 63% spike from last year and 97% of marketers report that video helps users understand their products or services better – and also helps to increase sales

Videos in digital platforms are the best possible way to pitch your business idea with your customers, investors or any potential partners. Talking head videos are best ways to do it as it gives an authentic and personal touch to the brand. here are some of the key things you should follow to make your talking head video which sells for you.

So What is a talking head video? – A talking head video is an interview-style related video in which experts guide us through the story of a product, service, or any event.

for any form video, it goes into 4 key process. 1.Pre Production 2.Production 3. Post Production 4. Video Promotion talking head videos too have the same process.

1Pre Production

Preproduction is phase where you prepare Pre-production is the work done on a video film or broadcast program before full-scale production begins. Elements of video production such as the script, casting, location scouting, equipment and crew, and the shot list all happen during pre-production. Pre-production is the planning stage

Be ready with the content –

Always create a content brief or have a teleprompter about your video if required. Suppose you are doing a product or service testimonial where your brand is the hero within your customer’s business or life. Try to gain visibility for your brand and organization with a targeted message.    

Effective pre production is the key cut down your overall production cost. Its more lot expensive to correct an error later. Also its good to get the approval of the stake holders before you get into the shoot.


Choose the Best Possible Lighting Setup

Don’t use the light on the ceiling. You can use the daylight. Use the rim light behind you and key light at an angle of 45 to avoid a flat look and give better contrast. Try to use a white blanket if natural lighting isn’t feasible, always try white lights, not yellow.

Use Shotgun Mics for Better Audio

Don’t use an onboard mic on your camera, try to use shotgun mics or wireless lavs.

Frame the perfect talking head

Please maintain a particular distance between you and your background image is most important. Your video needs to be interesting visually when you stream yourself for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Use a Multi-Camera Setup for Shooting Purpose

Another way to keep your talking head video interesting is to use multiple cameras where we can see the depth of the field and panning. Before uploading your video don’t forget to watch the full video created because we can find some glitch or any mistake where you can correct before uploading it.

3Post production

Edit your Talking Head Videos like Pro

You need to edit your videos with any of the software such as premier pro, final cut pro, Hitfilm, iMovie for a better reach out.

Try to use jump cuts. They have to be done well enough. For example, think of any Hollywood movie or any web series. The scene changes for roughly about nine seconds because your brain goes to sleep. They need to keep their audience engaged. So every nine seconds the talk video needs to have cropping, zooming, a little pullback. Keep the video stuff interesting.

Better Animation Text and Images give a great look

Text and images can give a better lookout to your video clips. One way to make talking head videos more interesting is we can add some animation relevant to the content of the video. Animation can explain things you cannot do in person.

Add Subtitles

Try to add subtitles that make people get engaged faster as they are reading and want to see what’s coming next.

4Video Marketing

Identify What You’re Trying to Achieve

What is the point of your video? Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Increase sales? Perhaps you want people to sign up to your mailing list? Whatever it is, be clear on what you’re trying to achieve. Every single decision you make about your video needs to be filtered through the lens of your ultimate goal.

Plan and finalize your Video Marketing Budget

Knowing your budget is key to plan your campaign effectively. The better planning is the key to the results. if you have a overall budget, you need to have clarity on what need to go into the marketing and whats into the marketing

Decide your platform

While creating a talking head video you need to be sure where or in your which platforms you are audience are in. If you are running a B2B there are platforms performs better than the other. so it becomes obvious that you have to make it in the format or style accordlingly

Platforms you should consider – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Your website, Vimeo, Snapchat Stories, Linkedin, Videos When you publish your video, do it natively, which means up upload the videos directly in the platforms itself, this would help you in ranking better.

Create an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

If you need to make your talking video stand out, just use a compelling thumbnail. Enticing people to click is the first step to get them to watch your video. So be yourself where you can dial it up a few notches so your true personality fills the screen. Always keep your energy levels up.

Try to use these amazing practical tips and tricks when you are creating a talking-head video, and your talking head video will be one of the best compilation videos.

Decide How You Will Measure The Success of Your Video

This is the most important of all. you need know the how the video is performing and you should be able measure the ROI. Having a sales funnel is crucial here. you need to prioritize the outcomes such as – Brand awareness awareness, then views, Likes, and shares are an accurate measure of your video’s success. Still, those metrics are barely scratching the surface of what’s possible.


A successful talking video can be simple and the effectiveness of it lot depends on how valuable and authentic the video looks. Do comment your thoughts if we are missing anything here.