Messi’s Never Give Up, Startup Inspiration!


When you start, you need to progress continuously without loosing enthusiasm. Here’s a motivational video on Messi’s unstoppable perseverance. 

When we grow up, we tend to get told that the world is how it is and we should live our life within the world trying the best to live within the walls. But that’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader if we have the courage to take charge of our destiny and live our dreams, we have to be an extraordinary person like the all-time great footballer, Lionel Messi. Coming up from a poor background, Messi got associated with Barcelona Football Club at a very young age with his hard work and dedication.

Messi always believed in the fact that even though it’s a really hard journey to success but it will be worth it in the end. And he proved that with his own inspirational journey to become the greatest footballers of all-time. Messi has always been very closely attached to Barcelona since they have always done a lot for him and his family. He loves wearing the Barcelona shirt and giving all that he has for the club.

Messi always believed that he possessed a talent that was worth developing and carrying forward and this is what helped him achieve the glory. He always believed in himself and always challenged and pushed his limits and always had the tendency to improve himself. Just like this, one should always chase one’s dreams and go for what you want to. Similarly, when people try to work on a start-up idea and make it successful, a similar conviction and mindset are required. One cannot make it successful unless one has the sail through all the odds. Always remember that history is being read, but it is also being written by people with imagination. So, don’t stop unless you create history and achieve your dreams.