The 10 Must-Read Business Articles for Every Entrepreneur

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There are many successful entrepreneurs who love reading; Warren Buffett spends at least 80% of his day reading, Bill Gates reads 1 book a week, and Elon Musk loves to read.

You should try to read every day if you want to develop a habit of reading. As a small business owner, you will benefit most from reading content that provides you with tips and advice.

Find helpful business tips in these 10 articles that will kickstart your reading habit. The top-10 business articles are

1. The dumbest things entrepreneurs do, Entrepreneur magazine, mark cuban says

Almost everyone who watches Shark Tank knows about Mark Cuban’s various business ventures. In other words, it is clear that he understands how to run a business. Cuban teaches entrepreneurs three easy traps to avoid in this article. Read Article

2. How Do Small Business Loans Work? The Fora Financial Blog

The process of obtaining a small business loan is important to understand if you’re looking for additional financing. This comprehensive guide explains how to qualify for a business loan, apply, and repay one. You can receive the financing that your business needs if you do this correctly! Read Article

3. What Makes a Leader? Business Review of Harvard

The owner of a business wears many hats, and he or she must be able to lead effectively. The Harvard Business Review discusses how to become a more effective leader in this article. Read Article

4. Why You Hate Work by New York Times

The fact that only 13% of people feel fulfilled at work makes sense, so people hate their jobs no wonder they feel that way. This article offers a roadmap for doing so as a business owner. Employees need a fulfilling environment to work in. Read Article

5. Entrepreneur’s 50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur

Are you having trouble finding a career that you’re passionate about? Maybe working for yourself is not your thing, so you would prefer working independently. If so, you might be the type of entrepreneur who would excel in a business environment. Take a look at the 50 signs of entrepreneurship. Read Article

6. Entrepreneur’s, How to Become a Millionaire by 30

Many people aspire to work for themselves, which is one of the biggest reasons why they are interested in entrepreneurship. According to Grant Cardone, he reveals his ten steps to become a millionaire. Read Article

7. Why Google Doesn’t Care About College Degrees,

To prove that you don’t need an advanced degree to start a business, look no further than Google. The article discusses five reasons why Google executives do not care about college degrees in their hiring process. Read Article

8. Seven rejections on

The Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky received five rejection letters from potential investors and two of them ignored his letter. Chesky’s company, which totally changed the travel industry, faced seven rejections as he sought funding. Read Article

9. My Advice to First-Time Entrepreneurs,

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, the top three pieces of advice he gives to first-time entrepreneurs can be found in his article. Read Article

10. The Best Startup Advice You’ll Ever Receive by Product Hunt 

A successful startup advice article, delivered by some of the best founders in the country. Read Article


Especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of business is constantly changing. The most effective tool you have to stay current with these changing times is reading. Join our business course if you want to keep expanding your knowledge.